Taking Care of Business

The Small Business Value Package

What is the Taking Care of Business System?small business package

Our Taking Care of Business approach is like no other service available. We design a package for your company which addresses your monthly, quarterly and annual requirements in four key areas:

1. Tax planning and preparation
2. Accounting and bookkeeping (including payroll)
3. Financial and management reports
4. Business advisory expertise.

How does it work?

We use a time tested, step-by-step approach:

First we access your needs in each of the four key areas.

Then we determine how these needs will be met in the most complete and beneficial manner: What are your deadlines? What should be included in you financial statements? Which are your best key performance indicators (KPI’s) and benchmarks to measure your company’s performance?

Next we implement a strategy (“Here’s what you do; Here’s what we do.)” and steps to “Git er done”.

Finally we start our Scoreboard program of regularly reviewing with you and tracking your numbers, your KPI’s and other valuable data to take your business to the top of your industry.

How much does it cost?

Because of the integration and efficiencies created by bundling these services together we are able to offer a combined rate which is significantly less than you would pay for them separately. We offer a fixed monthly fee so you don’t have to worry about a time meter running in the background. There is no meter. The amount of your fee depends on what is included in your package.

What our clients say about our comprehensive approach:

"They don’t just crunch numbers and send us reports that we don’t understand. We had other bookkeepers before, but when they sent us reports we just stuck them in a drawer."

"I liked your step by step process of evaluating our needs. You designed a great system for our company. Before, we had too much confusion. Now, we get what we want and its soooo much smoother."

<"We are more in control of our profit margin and cash flow now. The help you gave us coming up with our key performance indicators and our benchmarks makes all the difference in the world in the way we run the business."

Call today at 775-525-5291 and see how our unique and comprehensive Taking Care of Business approach can work for you!